New UAS Regulations

United Kingdom

1   The CAA is the UK’s specialist aviation regulator.  The CAA was among the first national aviation regulators to address regulation of UAS and their guidance and rules have matured through many revisions.  Originally there were two regulations, one dealing with model aircraft (CAP658) and another dealing with UAS used for aerial work (CAP722).

2   The recent rapid growth of small remotely piloted aircraft, which are available from retail outlets and which can be equally used for recreation and aerial work, has led to a new regime in which the regulations now cover both recreational and business (commercial, government, non-profit organizations) use.  Until the end of 2020, the CAA worked closely with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to ensure harmony between EU and national regulations.  From 2021, there does not appear to be any mandate for this to continue to be the case, so while there may be much in common between EASA regulations and those of the CAA, UK UAS users of all types should check the UK CAA regulations at:

In this rapidly developing sector of aviation, those with an interest in the use of UAS in the UK should frequently check for new material.

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