It should be easier to find a needle in a sewing box than in a haystack.  Much of the content in this website can be found by searching the Internet.  We hope that you can find stuff about UAS much more easily, quickly and efficiently by starting your search for UAS knowledge here.

The UAS sector is expanding rapidly and there is constant technology innovation.  Legislation, regulation and operational practice and procedures always lag behind technological advancement and are constantly challenged to keep up.  UAS are bringing new possibilities to aviation, new types of aircraft, new applications and new pilots, operators, organisations and customers.  Several aspects of this rapid growth challenge the existing aviation regulation and safety regimes, which have developed over the last century.

The volunteers who run this site have decades of experience in this sector and much knowledge about its development, current status and options for the future.  The website was designed to make appropriate knowledge available quickly and efficiently to anyone interested in unmanned aviation.  It is only one of many sources of data, information and knowledge about the sector but it is hoped that this website can make a useful contribution.

The content in this website is intended to be balanced, objective, impartial and as accurate as possible.  The rapid progress in all aspects of the UAS sector means that some knowledge in the website may be, at any stage, overtaken by events.  No liability is accepted as a result of knowledge gained from this website.

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